Wednesday, May 07, 2008

GPS 4 2nite (grave plan soirée): Moby

Moby est ce soir au café Belga pour un concert accoustique à 21 heures.
Il sera au Culture Club à Gand après.

Voici ce que Moby a bloggé sur Myspace:
so, on wednesday i'm playing a TINY TINY TINY little acoustic show with my friend joy in belgium.
i don't know where it's going to be, but it's going to be VERY LITTLE(like a pub in the early evening).
and then later that night i'm dj'ing in ghent, i believe.
then friday i'll be doing the phonica in-store in london, and then dj'ing at o2 with mylo and trentemoeller.
(saturday, as an aside, i might dj for a bit at mylo's bday party. said dj'ing will most likely involve me playing donna summer and laura branigan records. i'm a really excellent bday/wedding/bar-bat mitzvah dj. just fyi.). then off to l.a for a day.
then guadalajara and monterey and mexico city.
to avoid confusion: these 3 mexican dates will be me playing a new type of live show.
we're calling it LIVE:remixed.
it's a live show, but it's dance music, sort of remixing my music live.
most of the festivals i'll be doing this summer(well, the european ones) will be LIVE:remixed.
ok, to continue: then after mexico i go back to l.a to do some weird stuff involving playing live, i think.
then after l.a i go to demf, where i'll be dj'ing with a lot of my favorite electronic legends.
and then i come back to nyc where i build a bathtub attached to a balloon and i float around in the bath while learning how to play the hammered dulcimer and then go off and joyne a ye olde ren-fayre and travel the heath bringing madrigals to the gentry.
did i just write that?
ew, see aforementioned 'musicians are gross' comment.

(merci kimo)

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