Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Cool Kids On The Block by Catherine*

Last night uber cool London store Dover Street Market was taken over by Chanel for the opening of Karl Largerfeld's 'Paris-Londres' collection which arrived in London. Of course all the cool kids were there along with the hippest 'fash' crowd.

Henry Holland was on hand to D.J (All the bright young things in fashion are DJ's....'Part time daahling.') while his best friend Agyness Deyn did her modelling thing and posed with one of the many life sized cardboard cut-outs of Mr Lagerfeld that were placed around the four story building that housed the event.

Holland first shot to fame in 2006 with his cheeky T-shirt slogans about the 'fash pack' in bright, shouty capital letters such as, 'Do me daily Christopher Bailey' and 'Flick yer bean for Agyness Deyn'. Holland now has a fully fledged 'Tartan-tastic' i.e Tartan+Fantastic, fashion line in the form of House of Holland. He and his long-time friend Agyness Deyn, who he met in a chip shop, are enjoying a rapid simultaneous success and despite her success and lucrative campaigns she continues to be the house model for Holland.

They are the leaders of the gang of a number of young up-and-coming British designers, models and generally cool people that are flooding the world of fashion at the moment. The famous cropped blonde haired duo are joined by the likes of Lilly Cole, Lilly Donaldson, Christopher Kane and Gareth Pugh, to name but a few, in the ranks of names to take note of. I will try my best over the next few weeks to tell you more about this new generation of British fashionistas.

In the photo Agyness Deyn had an eye infection, but her BFF Holland made her a cool tartan pirate patch, no Naomi Campbell diva attitude here.

* Catherine est anglaise et fait un stage chez ELLE Belgique. Catherine nous tient au courant de what's hot in England.


Geoffroy Gillieaux-Broquet said...

Hay Catherine, you rock girl ! just received the Chanel mail with some pics then read your post ! yo I added the one with Agy & Henry.
Well done ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the pirate eye patch!!

Reminds me of that movie with Bette Davis "The Anniversary(1968)...
In this movie she was wearing an eye-patch and it was always matching her outfit.