Friday, June 27, 2008

Hole in....15!

Hello Everybody, Today is sadly my last day. I can't believe how quickly my time here has gone. No doubt due to all of the lovely people here at Elle who have been so friendly and welcoming and in particular all the young'uns (English slang for young ones) here in the Blog and E-mag Office. (How cool is our office by the way?! I am so proud.) Yesterday I had so much fun. It was the first launching of the Elle Golf Cup, organised by the lovely Celine Nickmans, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. 
Whilst all the ladies were busy playing some of us from the office had the opportunity to have a little lesson and practice our putting. Despite having once made a boy cry on a date with my golfing skills (or lack thereof) I managed to finally hit the ball further than off the mat at the driving range, believe me when I say that that is a huge step for me. We all had a laugh at our varying abilities and of course at the white wig of Philippe de Jonghe.
I know life is hard here at Elle, but seriously I have had such a wonderful month here. I hope I have showed you some interesting things from across the channel, I didn't have nearly enough time to show you everything. I will miss everyone here so much but will no doubt be writing to Geoffroy if I find any other British Gems. Until then Au revoir.

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Geoffroy Gillieaux-Broquet said...

We miss you already sweethaert. It was really a pleasur working with you. You've been helpful! Keep on rockin !