Friday, June 20, 2008

Top St Martins Graduates:

No 3: Mark Fast

Mark Fast is a Canadian Graduate from CSM who specialized in knitwear. His creations cling to the body like a second skin and have dark elements of corsetry and S&M to them.
His early influences include Tim Burton and Francis Bacon but now he notes the strength and elegance of ballet dancer Silvie Guillem and Azedine Alaïa as his inspirations. 
Although his work is definitely 'body conscious' he has more recently been exploring new ways of creating volume on the body using different yarns and stitch techniques. His craftsmanship is undeniable and he designs with the body in mind rather than the current trend so as to create pieces that last through the ages.
 His most recent collection was inspired by 'The Eagle Sundance'; which was outlawed for some time, of the Ojibway tribe from his hometown in Canada . The mixing of traditional and historic with contemporary aesthetic makes this graduate a knitwear genius.

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