Monday, June 23, 2008

Top St Martins Graduates:

No 4: Natscha Stolle

Natascha Stolle is a new CSM graduate with a sense of humour when it comes to fashion. The 29 year old describes her style as 'grown up clothes with a teenage sensibility of luxury'. Although at first glance Stolle's collection is all about casual, classic elegance if you take a closer look you'll get a shock. For example her collection, that strutted the runway at this years graduate show, included a porcelain crocodile skin sweatshirt, (I know...I didn't even think that was possible) a pencil skirt and shoes covered in googly eyes that looked like the skin of some strange alien creature and a bikini top that was actually a necklace/bag.
One of her quotes about her collection which I love is; "I design clothes for girls who wished they'd been sluts in high school." (Excuse my french) Although this girl isn't Brit born there is more than a little bit of British dry humour and rebellious subversion, à la Vivienne Westwood, to her.

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