Friday, June 13, 2008

You drive me insane Cristopher Kane.

He might be young, but Christopher Kane is the darling on the London fashion set right now. In his graduation year from Central Saint Martins; where he was awarded a distinction, the Glasgow-born star of CSM Fashion College won both the prestigious Harrods Design Award in 2006 and was named New Scottish Designer of the Year. Even while still a student at CSM, Kane caught the eye of Donatella Versace, who helped to sponsor his graduate collection of lace and lingerie-inspired bondage dresses. This was the collection which won the budding designer the top Harrods Design Prize. He was signed up as a consultant for Versace almost immediately and his own-line collection was part of the schedule at this years London Fashion Week for the fourth year, where he has enjoyed New Generation status on three consecutive occasions.
However all did not run quite so smoothly this year as, just days before his collection was due to strut down the runway, 23 of his Spring collection pieces were stolen from his studio. Many would have broken down and cried under such pressure, but Kane pulled it off after having to recreate everything.
The 25-year-old designer presented a collection which had vibes of the rugged feminine rock'n'roll style and just a hint of the 80's. Python printed chiffon, ripped denim, and ruffles galore were also central to the collections theme. Although he's only shown a couple of times since graduating from design school, Kane has had a rapid but solid rise to fame. 
At first he was associated with body conscious, up-to-there mini dresses this collection marked a departure from that style. The tiered skirts, baggy sweatshirts and subtle tones created a very different silhouette and was definitely not what was expected. This however just kept everyone on their toes. This is so important in the world of fashion, not to be pigeon holed, and Kane has definitely succeeded. He credits his sister Tammy; who is his muse, model and co-designer/seamstress, for its inspiration.
2008 holds a range of cashmere knitwear and jewellery for Swarovski. I can hardly wait.

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